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Regional Team

​Dr. Shaqil Peermohamed

Dr. Tim Lau

Salome Shajari

Meghan Watson-Donald

Vancouver Acute Team

Dr. Shaqil Peermohamed

Dr. Tim Lau

Dr. Rosanne Thalakada

​​Dr. Ivy Chow

Dr. Marthe Charles

Dr. Nilu Partovi

Lions Gate Hospital/Coastal

Dr. Miriam Torchinsky

​​Dr. Josh Douglas​

Dr. Gannon Yu

Dr. Jane Lin

Dr. Suzanne Malfair

Isla Drummond

Patty Leong

Richmond Hospital

Dr. Jerry Vortel

Dr. Clement Kwok

Dr. Luke McLaughlin

Dr. Mandeep Saran

Dr. Gabriel Loh

Patty Leong


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